Point 1 - Greater Vigilance Against Racism

To set up a monitoring, vigilance and solidarity network against racism at city level.

  • To establish a mechanism for consultation with the various social actors (young people, artists, NGOs, community leaders, the police, the judiciary, etc.) in order to take regular stock of the situation as regards racism and discrimination.
  • To set up, in collaboration with civil society organisations,  a monitoring and rapid response system to identify racist acts and hate crimes/speeches and bring them to the attention  of the competent authorities.


Die Stadt Zürich setzt sich für die Bekämpfung rassistischer Diskriminierung ein. Da Diskriminierungsschutz und Diskriminierungsbekämpfung Querschnittthemen sind, hat der Stadtrat eine koordinierende Arbeitsgruppe eingesetzt. Diese erstellt regelmässig einen Bericht.


The City of Bologna is the capital of Emilia-Romagna, in Northern Italy, the seventh Italian city by population (400.000 inhabitants) and one of the main metropolitan areas (1 million inhabitants).


Helsingborg is a city with 140 000 inhabitants which makes Helsingborg the 8th largest municipality out of Sweden’s 290 municipalities.