START WIEN information modules for refugees

Vienna – Austria

The new "Start Wien" programme for refugees in the framework of primary care fully supports all asylum seekers in Vienna with their integration efforts from day one. The programme includes orientation and advice as well as opportunities for education and job qualification.

Free information modules for refugees have been offered since September 2015. These information modules are held in cooperation with the Vienna Social Welfare Fund and Public Learning Centres (VHS) in Vienna. They are held in refugee accommodations and once a week on Wednesdays at the Public Learning Centre (VHS) in the 15th district. They provide refugees with information on important topics and are held in their mother tongues (currently Arabic and Farsi/Dari). Anyone who is interested, but in particular asylum seekers and persons with subsidiary protection status, are welcome to attend the information modules at the Public Learning Centre (VHS) in the 15th district (no registration required).


Healthcare: the Austrian healthcare system (health insurance, e-card, (multilingual) general practitioners, hospitals, pregnancy, parental leave)

Housing: information about house hunting and information centres, tenancy agreements

Education: the Austrian education system (kindergarten, schools, adult education)

Living together: everyday life; values - customs - traditions


Promoting education and documenting qualifications

The new education platform in the framework of primary care in Vienna at the Public Learning Centres (VHS) provides refugees during the asylum procedure with information and advice about education and further training. Their language skills and qualifications are screened and they are provided with suitable German language and basic education classes.

The plan for the future is to document successful education measures, qualifications and job experiences in an "Education Card" to facilitate access to the labour market and to further training and qualification measures.

The location of the Event:


Dates and venue

Three parallel information modules are held at the following Public Learning Centre (VHS) in Vienna:


Where: Volkshochschule (VHS, Public Learning Center) Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus,

1150 Vienna, Schwendergasse 41

When: Wednesdays, 2pm to 4pm