The president and the vice presidents are elected by the Steering Committee for a mandate of 4 years.


Benedetto Zacchiroli Portrait

Benedetto Zacchiroli

ECCAR-President, City of Bologna (Italy) Benedetto Zacchiroli was elected president of ECCAR in April 2015 for a mandate of four years.







Elisabeth Hélène Dumont Portrait

Elisabeth Hélène Dumont

Vice President, Representative from the city of Liège (Belgium) Elected Vice President in April 2015 for a mandate of four years.







Lucienne Redercher Portrait

Lucienne Redercher

Vice President, Representative from the city of Nancy (France) Lucienne Redercher was elected Vice President in October 2013 for a mandate of four years. Deputy Mayor of the city of Nancy, she is in charge of the delegation for Human Rights, foreign population integration, fight against discrimination and racism, international solidarity and memorial actions. She is also delegate to urban planning. Following up on her commitments in Nancy, a humanistic city marked across the centuries by migratory flows which have shaped Lorraine, its industry, architecture and arts, Lucienne Redercher brings to the coalition her expertise in integration and fight against all forms of discrimination and exclusion. Convinced European, she got involved in politics to support an open and well-balanced society, in compliance with the Universal Human Rights. Born in 1950, professor of Literature, she is a member of many associations for international solidarity, assistance to disabled persons and youth shelters.


Ursula Löbel Portrait

Ursula Löbel

Vice President, Representative of the city of Potsdam (Germany) Ursula Löbel was elected vice president of ECCAR in charge of the administration in October 2013 for a mandate of 4 years. Since 2012 she is responsible for the ECCAR Administrative Secretariat. She is civil servant in the administration of the city of Potsdam where, among other topics, she coordinates since 2006 the activities of the alliance Potsdam! Shows color. The alliance, leaded by the Mayor of Potsdam, Jann Jakobs, gathers civil servants, politicians, representatives of trade unions, NGOs and police who work together for tolerance and against racism.




The Steering Committee has the following tasks:

  • Deciding on the admission of cities as members of the Coalition
  • Suggesting the exclusion of member cities to the General Conference
  • Representing and promoting the Coalition and its goals at a European, international and regional level
  • Deciding on and preparing General Conferences and other conferences of the Coalition
  • Implementing decisions taken during the General Conferences
  • Preparing and facilitating medium and long term action programmes for the Coalition
  • Preparing and discussing the budgets and annual accounts
  • Forwarding the reports presented by the ECCAR members to the Scientific Secretariat for annual evaluation

The Steering Committee members are elected by all member cities for a mandate of two years. Some members serve as observers and scientific advisors.

Athens – Barcelona – Berlin – Bologna – Bonn – Botkyrka – Dortmund – Dunquerke –  Esch-sur-Alzette – Gent – Graz – Karlsruhe – Liège – Malmö – Metz – Montpellier – Munich – Nancy – Nuremberg – Potsdam – Rotterdam – Toulouse & UNESCO


The General Conference

The General Conference is organized by ECCAR with the assistance of hosty city, institutional partners, civil society and local stakholders. The Conference is centered on actually issues related to the objectives of ECCAR. Participant have the opportunity to showcase their experiences while creating spaces for discussion and dialogue.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly of member cities is competent to make all key decisions and elect ECCAR representatives and its Steering Committee for a period of 2 years.

The Office

The Coalition's Administrative Office is based in the City of Potsdam (Germany), at the City Council.

The tasks of the Office are:   

  • Acting as a contact point for member cities and interested municipalities
  • Promoting communication and sharing of experiences and best practice
  • Doing public relation work for the Coalition
  • Supporting the national coalitions of cities against racism
  • Organizing Coalition activities, in particular General Conferences and other conferences

The Scientific Secretariat

The Coalition's Scientific Secretariat is in the Social and Human Sciences Sector, within the Section Fight against Discrimination and Racism of UNESCO based in Paris.

The tasks of the Scientific Secretariat comprise the following:   

  • The evaluation of the implementation of the "10 Point Action Plan against Racism" on the basis of reports submitted by member cities on an annual basis
  • The support and advice of the member cities of the implementation of the "10 Point Action Plan"