ECCAR General Assembly & Steering Committee Meeting in Graz

Graz – Austria

Hauptplatz 1
8010 Graz

ECCAR General Assembly and Steering Committee Meeting, Graz

Meeting place: Town Hall of the City of Graz (Rathaus), Hauptplatz 1, Graz, Austria



Sunday 21.10.18,       15:00 – 18:00

  • Board-Meeting: Preparation of the General Assembly & Steering Committee Meeting

Meeting place: Town Hall (Rathaus), Hauptplatz 1, 8010 Graz, Trauungssaal, 1. Floor

Monday 22.10.18,      9:00 – 14:00 (with coffee and lunch break)

9:00       Reception

9:30       Welcoming speeches of:

      • City of Graz, City Council Kurt Hohensinner MAS
      • UNESCO, Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences, Nada
      • ECCAR President, Benedetto Zacchiroli
  • Adoption of the minutes 26./28.04.18 Liege
  • Discussion & vote of the admission of new member cities:
    Bordeaux (France), Mechelen (Belgium)
  • Presentation of newly admitted member city: City of Leuven (10-15min)
  • Admission and closure of budget for the financial years 2016 and 2017
  • Report from the President on the Board’s activities
  • ECCAR Award – Proposition and brief presentation by ECCAR president
  • Agreement between the ECCAR & the Simon Wiesenthal Center – President
  • Next Steering Committee (where? when?)


14:00 – 17:00   Celebration of 70 Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the                  Membership of Austria in UNESCO, followed by a reception at the Municipal Council      Hall, 2nd Floor

                 Guests: Mayor Mag.: Mr Nagl, State Governor: Mr Schützenhöfer and UNESCO               Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences: Ms Al-Nashif



Tuesday 23.10.18,     9:00 – 12:30 (with coffee break)

9.00                        Reception


9:30 – 12:30      Follow-up of the General Assembly & ECCAR-Steering Committee Meeting

    • Discussion over the experience of the rise of right extremism affecting European countries: Focus on Austria and Slovenia – Mr. Rajakovics & Mayor of Maribor, Mr. Dr. Andrej Fistravec
    • ECCAR-project 2018 – Report of UISP project(s) 2018: Daniela Conti (UISP Emilia Romagna)
    • ECCAR-projects 2019 – Discussion upon core topics for projects in 2019:
      Sectors education, culture, etc.
    • Presentation of the concept of the Scientific Advisory Council – Dr. Klaus Starl and Paul Lappalainen
    • Budget 2019 Proposition from the Board
    • ECCAR Joint Action(s) within the Week Against Racism (existing cooperation agreements with United since 2013) – ECCAR-Office
    • Miscellaneous / AOB


  • 13:00                     Joint lunch buffet