15 years Alliance "Potsdam shows colour"

Potsdam – Germany

On 13th of June 2017 the alliance "Potsdam shows colour" („Potsdam! bekennt Farbe“) celebrates its 15 years of existence. The alliance confronts clearly extreme right and populist tendencies. Consistently it observes developments on the extrem right, to counter them clearly.

Starting in 2002 as a reaction on right extremist tendencies in the cit of Potsdam, the alliance has become a story of success, that is visible far beyond the boarders of the city. "Potsdam shows colour" represents a large variety of associations from civil society, political parties and administration. Beginning with 13 people, by now we sum up to 35 members.

"From the beginning I have accompanied the development of this alliance and I am proud on what we have achieved in the last 15 years" states the chairmen of the alliance, the lord mayor of Potsdam, Jann Jakobs.

Many guests came together to look back to the common achievements as well as looked into the present time, which is full of challenges in society and political development.

One of the main activities are the annual festivals for tolerance, that is being celebrated since 2008 in different parts of the city and people do not want to miss anymore.

On the occasion of the jubilee o short film has been produced (in german language)