2nd Edition of the DiverCity ICCAR Youth Boot Camp

Pollica – Italy

Let's rewrite the narratives of our cities! With support of ECCAR Vice-President Dr Ayfer Yazkan Kubal and ECCAR President Benedetto Zacchiroli the 2nd Edition of the DiverCity ICCAR Youth Boot Camp, held in Pollica (IT) from 3 - 9 September, brought together 20 young people from 14 countries for a dynamic program aimed at empowering young leaders through various workshops to combat racism and discrimination in their communities and cities. The Bootcamp was an opportunity to highlight the crucial role of young people in the fight against racism on an international level and connect young voices to local decision makers fromall across the world. 

Meeting of 14 Metropolitan Italian Cities

A crucial part of this second bootcamp edition was initiated by ECCAR President Benedetto Zacchiroli in cooperation with UNAR, the National Office Against Racial Discrimination of Italy. For the first time 28 officials from the 14 Italian metropolitan cities came together in Pollica for three days to discuss current challenges in the field of racism and equality work. This exchange marks the starting point for a longterm process to establish local action plans against racism in the 14 Italian metropolitan cities.