Antisemitism Training Sessions in Brussels and Nice

Nice – France
Brussels – Belgium

Antisemitism Training Sessions in Brussels and Nice 

During June, ECCAR and CEJI organized training sessions on antisemitism in Brussels (13.-14.6.2023) and Nice (7.-8.6.2023). In Brussels, 17 participants participated, representing local authority departments working directly with equal opportunities and anti-discrimination. The CEJI trainers, Stephanié Lecesne and Khalissa El Abbadi highlighted how the participants proactively contributed to the training by challenging ideas and asking tough questions. As one of the participants mentioned, “ the training was an eye-opener”. The participants were keen for follow-up training in the future to involve more civil servants from different service areas. 

The 2-day training in Nice gathered 12 to 15 municipal civil servants of the Nice’s municipality. The CEJI trainers, Stephanié Lecesne and Delphine Yague were especially impressed by the dedication of the participants and their motivation to learn. The participants debated with respect and were able to discuss various responses to antisemitism and build a better knowledge of Judaism. At the end of the training, the participants expressed their wish for a longer training that would facilitate an in-depth exploration of contemporary antisemitic incidents.

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