CALL WORLD REFUGEE DAY 2020: NeverMoreFreezing

Bologna – Italy

CALL WORLD REFUGEE DAY 2020: NeverMoreFreezing

Maybe I’m coming late or it’s early? Maybe there’s no time, or there’s only time, wait and still wait and always in vain? Or maybe my waiting is setback, very thin pain, pitfall of an order bad lad and in a timewaster?

Arturo Serrano Plaja (1964)

June 20, the world commemorates the strength, courage, and resilience of millions of refugees observing the International World Refugee Day.

The city of Bologna, hosting the presidency of the ECCAR, is launching a call for artists within the campaign Bolognacares!, as part of a wider effort to raise awareness on issues related to the reception and integration of immigrants within the SIPROMI projects of the territory of Bologna.

Many asylum and international protection seekers, as well as refugees, experience in their everyday lives, before being able to plan their future again, long waits, often accompanied by a feeling of disorientation. This call aims to collect artistic proposals that can capture this message and bring a sense of waiting and a common rebirth yearning.

The call is open to artists and young artists (from 16 years of age) who can capture the experiences of refugees to make a video to be streamed on June 20 during a dedicated streaming event and on other communication channels. Videos can be made of performing arts (theatre, dance, entertainment), music, etc.

Participation to the call is free of charge and the top five videos will receive a grant of € 500. Be sure to submit your video no later than June 2!

The name of selected artists will be announced by 14 June 2020 via BolognaCares!’s communication channels (Facebook page

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