ECCAR calls for inclusive measures against COVID19

ECCAR calls for inclusive measures against #COVID19

The COVID-19 crisis is challenging for all of us. Many are personally affected or know people who are, and the changes to our daily lives and routines are present for all of us. But the COVID-19 crisis does not impact us all equally. The virus itself does not draw differences between race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or class. But it reinforces and deepens the inequalities already existing in our societies. Even though media focus is currently not on racism, it does not cease to exist in times of crisis. ECCAR calls on decision makers to consider how racism and many of the problems caused by COVID-19 intersect.

Access to health care is sadly not evenly distributed. Often migrants or refugees, are especially vulnerable. Language barriers impede access to necessary information about the virus for many foreign nationals if no official translations exist. It is also to be expected, that the results of the projected economic crisis will be strongly felt by migrant workers, many of which work in the service sector. While many companies and institutions have luckily enabled their employees to work from home that is not possible for many members of our societies; care workers, workers in so-called essential fields - but also for people who lack a home, internet access or who have to do care work at home. We call on decision makers to enact policies protecting from the virus and its many economic and social effects.

It is also of utmost importance to counter and condemn any racist narratives, conspiracy theories and attacks that have sprung up in the wake of the pandemic. Especially people of East Asian descent have become targets of racialized discrimination, which must not be tolerated.
Asylum seekers on the Greek islands and the European border are in danger of being deeply affected by the disease, because the camps lack the necessary health infrastructure. While citizens all over Europe are currently enacting measures of "social distancing", many thousand children and adults live in overcrowded camps. "Now is the time to extend the solidarity which many citizens have shown in this time of crisis, and which has been a beacon of hope to many, to those who need it most" emphasizes Benedetto Zacchiroli President of ECCAR.

ECCAR calls for an inclusive fight against COVID 19. We join the call of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) for "solidarity and community based responses" to this crisis and call for measures that take into consideration the social and racial inequalities of our societies. Let us be aware of our differences and fight racism - even and especially in times of crisis. #LeaveNoOneBehind