ECCAR General Conference - Working Groups

ECCAR General Conference CommunicAction – Together to protect human rights at the local level

The European Coalition of Cities Against Racism (ECCAR) and the City of Bologna are glad to announce the 2020 ECCAR General Conference that will take place on 19 and 20 November online.

One part of this General Conference are three working groups focussing on Islamophobia, new narratives and access to housing.

The working groups take place on Friday, November 20, starting 11:15h.

As for the ECCAR network exchange is key, these working groups have a more interactive format so that local authorities and other stakeholders can share good practices and experiences and produce concrete recommendations for ECCAR’s action and follow-up.

Here you can find the abstracts of the three working groups and below you can download the concept notes of each working group.


Protecting vulnerable groups. A focus on the dimensions of education, youth and communication in the fight against discriminations towards Muslims at the local level (Coordinated by Fundamental Rights Policy, DG Justice and Consumers, European Commission)

Vulnerable groups are often at risk of exclusion and marginalisation. This working group wants to collect tools and common approaches to encourage inclusion and non-discrimination of Muslim communities in cities. It also aims to collect operational measures, concrete actions and efforts regarding awareness raising, education and campaigns.


Speaking up! Youth and media voices and narratives to communicate new cities (Coordinated by CIAK MigrACTION!)

Negative framings about migration can strengthen the rise of populism and xenophobia. Therefore, this working group focusses on how voices and narratives matter when it comes to shaping public attitudes and political narratives. It also focusses on the role young people play in this field.


Tackling discrimination by ensuring equal access to housing in the real estate business (Coordinated by City of Gent)

Access to qualitative housing is a fundamental human right. Nonetheless, recent studies show exclusion and discrimination in the access to proper housing. Ghent, having done correspondence testing to measure discrimination in this field, will share the effects of the testing and discuss the implementation of proactive and reactive testing.


Through this link you can access the website of the General Conference, where you can find the programm and sign up for the conference: