The ECCAR president meets in Madrid with the city mayor, Ms Manuela Carmena

Madrid – Spain

The president of the European Coalition of Cities against Racism, Benedetto Zacchiroli has recently met with the mayor of Madrid, Ms Manuela Carmena. During the meeting, Zacchiroli has invited the City Council to join the annual promotion that the institution offers entities, people or projects that have led actions against racism and xenophobia.

The European Coalition of Cities against Racism (ECCAR) is an organisation made up of 138 European cities, which implements policies aimed at fighting against discrimination and xenophobia.

The organization works for cities to defend equal opportunities, promote cultural diversity, fight against racism through education, participation and information to citizens.

ECCAR is an initiative launched by UNESCO in 2004 and has municipal administrations as leading actors to ensure a dignified, safe and just coexistence for all its neighbors.