FORUM "FOCUSING ON HUMAN RIGHTS" International implementation Forum for local and regional authorities

Graz – Austria

28-29 May 2015 - Graz, Austria

Human Rights are of major importance for the Congress and much has been accomplished so far in this respect. For human rights to become reality, they need to be implemented at all levels of society. Clearly, local and regional authorities have an increasingly important role to play in that work.

Together with its partners, the city of Graz, the Land of Styria, and the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy Graz (ETC) the Congress will organize the international implementation forum for local and regional authorities “Focusing on Human Rights“ on May 28th and 29th 2015 in of Graz (Austria).

This interactive two-day Forum will be a unique opportunity for elected representatives at local and regional levels to discuss the impact and consequences of their political work on the exercise of human rights by citizens and residents, to identify concerns with regard to their daily work and exchange views on their experiences.

Therefore, the main aim of the International Implementation Forum, held in the “human rights city” of Graz, will be to provide good practices and constructive support to local and regional authorities by highlighting the human rights dimension of their work. The event will hence include the participation of key high-level experts and interlocutors.

The Forum will conclude with the adoption of a political statement, to which all participants will contribute their major findings, concerns and strategies. The Forum will thus incite political dialogue and awareness-raising with regard to this core issue of concern for local and regional authorities.

During the Forum’s plenary sessions, simultaneous interpretation will be provided into English, French and German (possibly in two more languages upon request). Please register by using the link

The deadline for all registrations is 31 March 2015.Contact person: Ms. Simone Philipp, ETC Graz,