International Dresden Dialogue

Dresden – Germany

Mayor Dirk HIlbert invites to the "International Dresden Dialogue" from 2 to 3 October 2017.

The Art of Democracy and Social Cohesion

The cities of Europe are currently confronted with developments which are leading to an erosion of social ties and the way in which communities hold together. The consequences of people fleeing their own countries, migration, economic and social inequality, globalisation and digitalisation represent new challenges for social cohesion. Representative democracy is being scrutinised, European integration questioned and social tensions and polarisation in urban communities are increasing.

How do we react as local leaders to those developments? How can we create trust into political institutions and its representatives? And how can we shape in a digital democracy discourse, exchange and dispute? Does social media polarise our city societies and in what way can art and culture overcome division and contribute to dialogue?

We want to address those questions during the „International Dresden Dialogue“. It is important that we as cities enter into dialogue, that we learn from each other and share our good, but also not so good experiences.

In dialogue with Mayors and community leaders from Europe we want to discuss our individual challenges in a European context and find new perspectives and solutions for future policy making and acting.

The „International Dresden Dialogue“ is part of a series of events that are organised in the City of Dresden under the theme of „Peace I Culture I City“. We want to showcase our active civil society and enter into dialogue between citizens, culture and politics. I would like to invite you to our conference and to actively participation to all the events taking place during that time. Welcome to the City of Dresden.

Dirk Hilbert
Mayor of the City of Dresden