Online Map of European initiatives fighting antisemitism: The NOA Compass

Online Map of European initiatives fighting antisemitism: The NOA Compass

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Within the framework of its Working Group on combating antisemitism, ECCAR has started to work closely together with CEJI - A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe. Being an international non-profit organisation (established in 1991), CEJI stands with individuals and organisations of all religions, cultures and backgrounds to promote diversity, inclusivity and a Jewish voice at a European level. It has become a leading provider in supporting change agents to create democratic environments through offering services such as capacity-building against all forms of hatred, advocacy for better implementation of European policies in the fields of education, non-discrimination, hate crime and hate speech and research-actions - all under the constant and active engagement of Jewish communities.

NOA – Networks Overcoming Antisemitism

The project NOA – Networks Overcoming Antisemitism, coordinated by CEJI, offers a groundbreaking approach to face the rise of antisemitism in Europe. In close cooperation with major Jewish networks, it evaluates EU Member States’ policies across areas, from education to culture and security, and helps them to develop holistic national action plans to combat antisemitism. CEJI’s project partners within this project are B’nai B’rith Europe, the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage, the European Union of Jewish Students, the European Union for Progressive Judaism and the World Jewish Congress. Together they work among others on National Report Cards, the European Days of Jewish Culture on Dialogue and Pluralism Seminars. Please find more information on the NOA website:

The NOA Compass: ECCAR cities can contribute and benefit

One pillar of the NOA project is the NOA Compass - a freely accessible platform that maps initiatives against antisemitism from all over Europe. The online compass portrays all kinds of projects and individuals that address antisemitism in order to connect them, recognize complementarities and identify gaps to be filled. The platform can also be used by ECCAR cities as a practical tool for their own local work: It offers a large resource pool to find transferrable good practices and inspiration for the work on the ground. Further, it invites all ECCAR cities to make their own local work easily visible and accessible for other European cities and stakeholders. It is possible to add your own initiatives with just a few clicks. CEJI and the ECCAR office encourage all ECCAR cities to actively use the platform.

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