Preventing a Racist Backlash - ECCAR Webinar

Preventing a racist backlash - cities as agents for diversity in Post-Covid19-Societies.

ECCAR’S Webinar

How can European cities counter racist-narratives in Post-Covid-19-Societies?

Covid-19 presents one of the biggest public health crises Europe has ever seen. The measures taken to lower the spread of COVID-19 have once again revealed the precarity of vulnerable groups such as refugees and exposed the structural expressions of antigypsyism in Europe. But even when the pandemic is under control, European cities will continue to face huge socioeconomic challenges. Experts warn of an accelerated rise of extreme right-wing populist voices and a reemergence of racist narratives in the wake of the economic crisis to follow. Even before the current crisis, far-right extremism and far-right terrorism have been identified as a major threat for democracy in Europe. As our cities have to confront a deteriorating economy and rising unemployment, far-right groups will try to use the discontent to scapegoat minorities and spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. 

ECCAR wants to engage in a conversation on how cities can proactively act under those circumstances and counter racist narratives before they gain a foothold in communities. How can we ensure that our cities remain inclusive, tolerant and open spaces during and after the current crisis? What lessons can we learn from the 08/09 and the so-called refugee crisis? 

A panel of experts from NGOs, think tanks, science and journalism will discuss strategies for European cities  in the fields of anti-racist work and community outreach in a Post-Covid19-Society.

The Panelists:

Opening greetings and intro by the ECCAR president Benedetto Zacchiroli from the City of Bologna.

  • Cas Mudde: 
    • Dutch political scientist who focuses on political extremism and populism in Europe and the United States.
  • Isabel Mihalache:
    • Senior Advocacy Officer of the ERGO (European Roma Grassroots Organisation) Network based in Brussels.
  • Ferda Ataman:
    • German author, journalist and co-founder of Neue deutsche Medienmacher*innen (New German Media Makers - network committed to furthering diversity in the media) and spokeswoman of  neue deutsche organisationen (New German Organizations) a network for post-migrant initiatives and organisations.
  • Moha Gerehou: 
    •  Anti-racist activist, journalist and European Young Leader 2020  from Huesca (Spain) 
  • Moderator: Evein Obulor 
    • Coordinator of the ECCAR office in Heidelberg (Germany)  

Date: June 9th 

Time: 3 - 5 pm (CEST)

Language: English

Zoom-Link to register:

The participation is free of charge.