Toolkit for Equality on the 10 Points Plan of Action successfully translated

Graz – Austria

About the New versions of the TKE on the implementation of the ECCAR 10-PPA:

In December 2023 the ECCAR achieved an important milestone and updated its Toolkit for Equality (TKE) chapter on the 10 Points Plan of Action (10-PPA).  This update was done in the framework of the EU-funded project ACTION, which seeks to develop local action plans against racism and to support the implementation of local policies to combat racism successfully. With this new chapter of the TKE the ECCAR supports its members with concrete practical guidance to work on their own 10-PPA.  

In March 2023 we are happy to announce that the TKE chapter is now available in French, Spanish, Italian and German. All the translated editions have been coordinated by ETC Graz, in cooperation with the City of Graz, the City of Heidelberg, the European Coalition of Cities against Racism (ECCAR) and UNESCO as a member of the International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities (ICCAR). You can access the new language versions here

A great attention has been given to the use of gender-neutral and inclusive language in the different translated versions of the TKE chapter on the 10-PPA, by conducting research, updating, and using accurate terms related to combating racism and the administrative language of cities in the languages listed above. This has been possible also thanks to the contributions of the cities of Bologna, Barcelona, Bordeaux and Heidelberg.

At the heart of this new chapter are the examples from the ground of our ECCAR member cities and their experiences in the implementation of the 10-PPA. The cities of Barcelona (Spain), Bologna (Italy), Bonn (Germany), Bordeaux (France), Botkyrka (Sweden), Brussels (Belgium), Cologne (Germany), Ghent (Belgium), Graz (Austria), Heidelberg (Germany), Helsingborg (Sweden), Leuven (Belgium), Turin (Italy) and Vienna (Austria) contributed their local experiences to this edition. Thanks to all the cities and city employees for your willingness to contribute with your experiences, knowledge and time to this TKE. The new versions in French, Italian, Spanish and German can be downloaded below. 

Capacity Building for ECCAR cities based on the TKE chapter on the ECCAR 10-PPA

If you are currently elaborating your 10-PPA in your city or updating your city's previous 10-PPA the ECCAR can provide you with concrete capacity building offers in the framework of the EU project ACTION. In webinars, short online videos or direct consulting you can get support for your local work. For more information visit ACTION or contact

About the Toolkit for Equality and its methodology

Why should local governments take action promoting equality? Why is anti-discrimination policy at the local level important? How should inequalities be identified and their relevance assessed from a human rights perspective? What goals should be pursued? What topics can be addressed? How can challenges in planning, implementing and evaluating political measures for equality be overcome? What are the key factors for success? What are the keys to sustainable impact?

The Toolkit for Equality addresses these questions in a very practical way. It gives examples and detailed guidance on implementation. All of the information has been collected and elaborated in cooperation with a wide range of local politicians, civil servants, consultants, civil society organizations, lawyers and the local people concerned. This provides a broad expertise on the what, how and when. The thematic chapters on policy models relevant to local governance show the path to success from conceptualization and planning, to implementation, and to impact assessment and evaluation, all following a human rights based approach to the promotion of greater equality. To assess the different chapters of the TKE click here.