Barcelona Discrimination Observatory Report 2020

Barcelona – Spain

When getting back to the office after our summer break, we found Barcelona’s Discrimination Observatory Report 2020  in our inbox - 115 pages about the important work Barcelona is doing with regards to anti discrimination work.

It is now for the third time that the Barcelona Discrimination Observatory is publishing its annual report on discrimination in Barcelona. In this report you can not only find detailed data of discriminatory situations but you can also read which actions and strategies have been adopted to tackle those situations.

Sharing practices, results, findings and learnings is one big part of our work as European Coalition of Cities Against Racism and this is why we are particularly proud and happy to share Barcelona’s work with all of you.

More than a year ago, at the beginning of the Covid-19-pandemic, we already spoke about the impact the pandemic has on discrimination and racism (you can read more on that here: and now the Barcelona Discrimination Observatory Report 2020 shows us facts and figures proving that Covid-19 definitely has had a negativ impact.

You can find the whole Discrimination Observatory Report 2020 here: Whole report

and an Executive Summary here: Executive Summary

Both are available for download on the site of our member city Barcelona:

For further information about the Barcelona Discrimination Observatory Report 2020 you can contact the Human Rights Resource Center / Centre de Recursos en Drets Humans at:

Ajuntament de Barcelona / Barcelona City Council
C/ Rec, 15
08003 Barcelona