Mayors Summit against Antisemitism 2022 in Athens

Athens – Greece

ECCAR joined Mayors Summit against Antisemitism in Athens 

ECCAR's strong engagement on the field of Antisemitism inspired mayors all across the world at the "Mayors Summit against Antisemitism" in the city of Athens (Greece) on November 30 to 31. ECCAR vice-president Bartłomiej Ciążyński from the city of Wroclaw (Poland), Deputy Mayor Stefanie Jansen from the ECCAR vice-presideny city of Heidelberg, Shams Asadi, Human Rights Commissioner from the city of Vienna (Austria) and ECCAR coordinator Jana Christ facilitated the agenda item Learning From Each Other: Discussion on Best Practices Observed. They introduced the work of the ECCAR Working Group on Antisemitism and presented good practices to fight Antisemitism and foster Jewish life on the ground, in our cities. 


About the summit:

The 2022 Mayors Summit Against Antisemitism – hosted by the City of Athens, Greece, and chaired by its Mayor, Kostas Bakoyannis, in partnership with the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM), Center for Jewish Impact (CJI), and Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) – is bringing together municipal leaders from more than 60 cities to share the challenges and opportunities faced in the collective effort against religious hatred and offer innovative and pragmatic solutions to protect and foster Jewish life and build an inclusive and democratic global future, free of prejudice and bigotry, for all humanity.

About the ECCAR Working Group on Antisemitism:

Local authorities play a key role in implementing anti-discrimination policies and making cities safe and welcome to all dwellers, without distinction. In relation to minority communities, that implies specific efforts to addressing racism, discrimination and hate crimes members of such communities are at risk of, as well as efforts to promoting equality and cultural diversity. To support its member cities toward Jewish communities, in September 2021, the ECCAR has established the Working Group on Combating Antisemitism (Working Group) that addresses complex demands placed on municipalities in dealing with antisemitism.

One of the main aims of the Working Group is to examine the different local situations from an international perspective and to discuss best practice methods in order to further advance and professionalize the work already carried out to combat antisemitism. To this end, the Working Group initiated the mapping of existing practices and collection of examples of effective initiatives focusing on measures addressing antisemitic intolerance, hatred and discrimination, as well as fostering Jewish life on a local level.