Point 6 - The City As An Equal Opportunities Employer and Service Provider

The city commits itself to be an equal opportunities employer and equitable service provider, and to engage in monitoring, training and development to achieve this objective.

  • To engage in routine diversity audits in order to inform the development of appropriate policies and practice on the basis of an accurate data base.
  • To identify and provide support for the learning and development needs of municipal employees by setting up introductory and advanced training for local authority staff in order to: enhance their ability to manage ethnic and cultural diversity; promote intercultural dialogue; develop competence in anti-discriminatory practice; and acquire the necessary competences in order to provide culturally sensitive and appropriate services.
  • To implement positive action in order to improve the representation of discriminated groups or communities in city authority staff; and particularly in their executive bodies.

Welkom Hasselt!

Hasselt – Belgium
Toulouse – France
ECCAR warmly welcomes a newly city member within its coalition, unanimously voted by the Steering Committee of ECCAR in Toulouse, last June: The city of Hasselt (capital of the …