Point 9 - Promoting Cultural Diversity

To ensure fair representation and promotion for the diverse range of cultural expression and heritage of city dwellers in the cultural programmes, collective memory and public space of the city authority and promote interculturality in city life.

  • To facilitate the production, in partnership with professionals from the groups affected by discrimination, audiovisual material (feature films, documentaries, programmes, etc.) that enables them to express their experience of and aspirations for their city. To facilitate distribution of such material at local, national and international level.
  • To fund on a regular basis cultural projects and meeting places (e.g. events, cultural centres, etc.) that represent the diversity of city dwellers (music, theatre, dance, painting, etc.) and to integrate them in official city programming.
  • To name places (streets, squares, monuments, neighbourhoods) and / or to commemorate events specifically relevant to groups suffering from discrimination, in order to recognise their contributions and to integrate them into the memory and collective identity of the city.

ECCAR Award 2020

ECCAR Award 2020 The ECCAR would like to announce a new opportunity for the member cities of the Coalition. We are in a period which requires a greater commitment to combat …