6th International Mayors‘ Conference, organized by ACT.NOW

Vienna – Austria

Last week, the president of ECCAR and one of the Vice presidents (Lefteris Papagiannakis from Athen) took part in the 6th INTERNATIONAL MAYORS 'CONFERENCE from 27 to 29 January 2019 organised by the Network "ACT NOW" in cooperation with the city of Vienna, dedicated this year to the theme: "Promoting Social Cohesion - Youth Participation in our Communities".
The conference was In memory of Paweł Adamowicz, the Mayor of Gdansk who built bridges and on 14 January 2019 fell victim to the climate of hate.

As ECCAR we are convinced that we have to take the maximum care of young people in this first half of the millennium. It is no coincidence that last year we funded a sport project that involved hundreds of young people against racism and discriminations.
Interacting with them is fundamental for us, like making them aware of the activities and the existence of a network like ECCAR also made up of their cities.
The main occasion for participating in the conference is also to cover other mayors and invite them to join the network to gain greater strength in fighting racism.

You can find the final declaration of the conference, by clicking here.