Point 2 - Assessing Racism and Discrimination and Monitoring Municipal Policies

To initiate, or develop further the collection of data on racism and discrimination, establish achievable objectives and set common indicators in order to assess the impact of municipal policies.

  • To set up formal  means of collecting data and information on racism and discrimination in all fields of municipal competence by introducing relevant variables in their  data collection.
  • To establish partnerships with research entities in order to analyse regularly the data and information collected, conduct studies at local level and develop concrete recommendations for the city authorities.
  • To define achievable objectives and apply common indicators in order to assess trends in racism and discrimination and the impact of municipal  policies.


Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a country whose nation boasts a long history, enjoying self-government as an autonomous region in the Spanish State.


With almost 530,000 people from over 165 nations, Nuremberg is the second largest city of the Free State of Bavaria and the (multi-)cultural and economical centre of Franconia, the northern part of


Vienna is the capital city of Austria, and also one of its nine provinces. It is Austria´s primary city and the only city with a population above 1 million.