Benedetto Zacchiroli at the Observatory of equality on racism and antisemitism, in Bordeaux

Bordeaux – France

On 11 February the President of ECCAR was invited and welcomed in the city of Bordeaux (member of ECCAR since October 2018) by the Deputy Mayor for equality and citizenship Marik Fetouh, on the occasion of the survey of the Observatory of equality on racism and antisemitism launched by the Mayor Alain Juppé in the day when the city planted trees in memory of Ilan Halimi, tortured to death because Jewish.

The determination of the city of Bordeaux to act against racism and antisemitism is total. In cooperation with ECCAR and its cities a plan of action will be written to be integrated in the already existing 10 points plan of action of ECCAR.
The President also presented the cooperation existing with the Simon Wiesenthal Center from last November, voted by the Steering Committee which expresses well the desire of the ECCAR cities to firmly oppose the worrying escalation of anti-Semitism which, unfortunately, lives all over Europe.