Point 8 - Challenging Racism and Discrimination Through Education

To strengthen measures against discrimination in access to, and enjoyment of, all forms of education; and to promote the provision of education in mutual tolerance and understanding, and intercultural dialogue.

  • To intervene to ensure equal opportunities, especially in terms of access to education, through affirmative action policies.
  • To develop teaching material (textbooks, guides, audiovisual or multimedia documentation, kits) on mutual tolerance, respect of human dignity, peaceful coexistence and intercultural dialogue that can contribute to enhancement of the ability of pupils, teachers and trainers to operate in a multiethnic, multicultural and intercultural environment and to deal with the pressures and opportunities of such diversity.

Amitié Code


AMITIE CODE (Capitalizing On Development) is a European Commission funded project that involves Public Authorities and NGOs operating in 6 different European Countries. It's main goal is to raise…