ECCAR General assembly and Steering Committee in Graz: Resolution & final declaration

Graz – Austria

Following a common tradition of ECCAR public conferences, general assembly and meetings, the city members exchange and reflect together with guests and partners from European institutions and organisations on the multiple aspects of racism and discrimination, and on the possible answers to it. 

To that end, a final declaration has been adopted at the ECCAR General assembly and meeting of the Steering Committee, held on 22 and 23 October 2018 in Graz, confirming the shared values and intention of the member cities of the ECCAR network to actively challenge, fight and speak out against any form of racism.
A special focus has been drawn towards right-wing and violent extremism, fundamentalist groups and any other antidemocratic attitudes, all summed up in the following final statement:

"Right-wing violent extremism is establishing networks throughout Europe and fundamentalist groups and antidemocratic attitudes exist and are on the rise in European cities.

ECCAR has covered this phenomenon at length at its autumn meeting in Graz.

ECCAR is deeply concerned about the rise of these groups.

ECCAR is very worried that this development poses a threat to peaceful coexistence in cities.

ECCAR supports all mayors, administrative bodies and initiatives that stand up against these phenomena.

ECCAR calls upon all national governments, multinational organisations, civil society initiatives and the media to support their cities in this endeavor.

Based on its 10 Points Action Plan, ECCAR calls upon the stakeholders not to deny the problems but to openly name them and take pro-active measures with a view to living together peacefully in cities.

Graz, 2018. "


The full text of the ECCAR final declaration of Graz, is available under the following link.